Join Intuit’s New Virtual Tax Expert Network: We’re Hiring!

Intuit® ProConnect™ News Successful team

Intuit® is offering a new way for tax professionals to earn more money with a leading-edge tax platform on Intuit TurboTax® that offers the flexibility for pros to work when and how much they want, and assist customers right from their own workspace. TurboTax is further expanding their solution to help “do-it-yourself” consumers get their taxes reviewed or completed by connecting them to a tax expert.

How Does it Work?

Tax professionals can conveniently choose the times and hours they want to work, similar to the Lyft or Task Rabbit models. Simply put, tax professionals can pick up as many hours as fit their schedule with the TurboTax on-demand virtual platform.

Intuit’s technology routes the taxpayer’s question to an expert, then using one-way video and unique screen sharing functionality, experts will show and explain answers at the moment taxpayers need the most help.

Join the Team

As part of the new product’s launch, Intuit is hiring thousands of seasonal, customer-facing tax experts for the upcoming tax season. The team is looking for professionals with experiences ranging from established CPAs and Enrolled Agents to practicing attorneys. In addition to earning extra money, on a hourly basis, tax professionals can take advantage of benefits of being an Intuit employee. Non-credentialed tax professionals are eligible for specialist positions in the network.

Here are just some of the benefits to becoming one of our virtual tax experts:

  • Earn more money. Connect directly to taxpayers to grow and supplement your income without the burden of additional marketing and administrative work.
  • Be a trusted advisor. Do more of what you love – advise taxpayers when they need help.
  • Set your own schedule. Work virtually and create a flexible schedule.

Tax professionals work hard to make taxpayers’ lives better; Intuit’s new virtual TurboTax platform helps tax professionals do just that.

To apply and learn more, visit our careers’ website.


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